Welcome to Audiowizardry

 Audiowizardry is a Mastering and Mixing Studio.

At Audiowizardry, we offer you a professional, quality service. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are able to serve your needs quickly and effectively. Just speak to us, and you will see how flexible we are.

At Audiowizardry we offer the following main services:


Online or Attended sessions.

Mastering is not just making your audio loud: it is the fine tuning that makes your music holistic and presentable in all formats and on all sound systems.

Using top quality dedicated equipment, and having a professional, reflection free monitoring environment, we are easily able to polish your masters and present them as best as they can be.


We have been Recording, Mixing and Mastering a variety of music and sound for the past 23 years. From Classical to Pop, Folk to Jazz, EDM to Rock, live recordings to DVD, TV and Film releases.

Mixing projects are taken on, for labels, producers or artists directly.

Projects mixed at Audiowizardry will really benefit from the accurate monitoring environment.


Do you need to touch up some vocals, or do some overdubs ? Audiowizardry has a full complement of Class A mic pre’s, EQ’s and compressors to get you that fantastic sound.